Price List



               Shoulder Mounts:

Whitetail Deer-----------$440.00

           Panels are not included.

specialty forms (grooming,hooking,etc.)----$500.00

Whitetail  wall pedestal----------------$540.00

Floor pedestal-(whitetail)------------$800.00

Floor pedestal base are not included in price.


Axis, Fallow & Blackbuck--------------$480.00

Antelope & (Most) Sheep --------------$600.00

Elk--------------------$1200.00/bugling $1500.00

detachable antlers $300.00 extra

Wild Boar----------------------------------$700.00

All panels and bases are extra charge.

 Open mouth  additional--------$100.00

Antler Repair--$10.00 per inch $30.00 mimimum






Canada Geese-------------------------$450.00





                                  Fish :

Bass ---------------------------------$200.00



Strippers, Redfish, trout——-$14.00 inch

Habitat  extra--------------------------$50.00

Fresh water fish on driftwood bases.




                          Life Size Mounts :

Whitetail Deer--------starts @ $2500.00

Black Bear --------------starts @ $3800.00 

Mountain Lion----------starts @ 1800.00

Habitat and base for the above three items 

are an extra charge , depending on drama .

1/2 mounts 50% of Life size Mounts


Bobcat & fox-------------------$600.00


Postion and drama determine final price.

Open mouth additional $75.00







                                     Skulls :

Whitetail Deer------(no panel)-----$150.00

Deer skulls camo dipped-----------$200.00

(Pre Skulled dipped)------------------$80.00

Sheep/Antelope/Exotics skulls-----$200.00

Deer flat tanned skins---------------$150.00

Antler mounts-------------------------$100.00

Antler mounts-----old dried up or rotten  skin on skull $25.00 ext.

Panels extra-----------------------------$25.00



Gator heads:  $22.00 Per Inch 

(Tip of nose to back of skull)

$200.00 minimum

Gator Rugs. --0-9.4        $175.00 Per foot

                        9.5 & up. $200.00 Per foot

life size--------------------$500.00 "   Per foot    


Turtles--Min. $1000.00 , 50lbs & up $20.00 per lb



 Bobcat---closed mouth------$450.00--open mouth--$500.00

 Coyote ---closed mouth------$550.00--open mouth--$600.00

 Bears------------------------ $200.00-- per foot






Other prices on request

Pedestal mounts $500 over shoulder mount price.

Open mouth extra charge.


. Mounts will be accepted without deposits, however deposit must be paid before work will began.

. Specialty poses/pedestals/form alterations are additional.

.All prices are subject to change without notice. (unless under contract)

. All mounts not picked up within 30 days of notification will become property of Buckfever Taxidermy.

1/2 mounts 50% of Life size Mounts