Price List

Due too the recent, major increases in  shipping charges and taxidermy supplies, Buck Fever has had to increase prices across the board. Prices increase are effect August 1st 2023 & are updated below.                


               Shoulder Mounts:

Whitetail Deer-----------$525.00

           Panels are not included.

Whitetail  wall pedestal----------------$675.00

WT. back pack mount-------------------$640.00

Speciality forms ( grooming hooking, licking, etc. $580.00

Floor pedestal-(whitetail)------------$700.00

Floor pedestal base isn't  included in price.


Axis, Fallow,Siki ---------$600.00

 Black Buck---------------$550.00

Antelope & (Most) Sheep ---$675.00


detachable antlers $300.00 extra

Wild Boar----------------------------------$700.00

All panels and bases are extra charge.

 Open mouth  additional--------$100.00

Antler Repair--$10.00 per inch $30.00 mimimum





suspended Ducks--------------------$500.00

Geese -----------------------------------$$575.00

Canada Geese--------------------------$625.00

Ross Geese------------------------------$525.00





                                  Fish :

Bass ---------------------------------$375.00



Strippers, Redfish, trout——-$16.00 inch

Habitat  extra

Most fish on driftwood bases.




                 Life Size Mounts :

Whitetail Deer--------starts @ $2400.00

Black Bear -----------------starts @ $4000.00 

Mountain Lion-------------starts @ 3600.00

Habitat and base for the above three items 

are an extra charge , depending on drama .

1/2 mounts 50% of Life size Mounts


Bobcat & fox-------------------$750.00






Postion & drama determine final pricing.

open mouth additional $75.00




                                     Skulls :

Whitetail Deer--------------------------$150.00

Sheep/Antelope/Exotics skulls-----$200.00

Deer flat tanned skins-----------------$175.00

All tanning requires payment in full up front.

Antler mounts---------------------------$175.00

Panels extra



Gator Heads :  -----------------All sizes $500.00

Gator Skulls:-------------------------------- $400.00


Life Size Gator :  -------------------$800.00 per foot

                                   habitat/drama extra----- $400.00


Gator Rugs, Turtles & Snakes: -- no longer excepting !




 Bobcat---closed mouth------$450.00--open mouth--$500.00

 Coyote ---closed mouth------$550.00--open mouth--$600.00

 Bears------------------------ $200.00-- per foot






Other prices on request


Open mouth extra charge.


. Mounts will be accepted without deposits, however deposit must be paid before work will began.

. Specialty poses/pedestals/form alterations are additional.

.All prices are subject to change without notice. (unless under contract)

. All mounts not picked up within 30 days of notification will become property of Buckfever Taxidermy.

1/2 mounts 50% of Life size Mounts